Camille Salgues(清源)


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Camille Salgues(清源)

« Un nouveau Wittgenstein encore inapprochable. Le rôle et la place du philosophe dans l'anthropologie », l'Homme 2008, 3/4, n°187-188, p. 201-222.
« La Chine, entre cadre et contexte. Une recherche sur les enfants de mingong, plusieurs constructions du savoir », Terrains et travaux 2009, n°16, p. 175-193.
« Ethnographie du fait scolaire chez les migrants ruraux à Shanghai. L’enfance, une dimension sociale irréductible », Politix 2012, n°99, p. 129-152.

        Post-doctorant, department of philosophy, Sun Yat-sen University, China.

        社会学博士,巴黎高等社会科学研究学校 (EHESS),法国 (毕业:2015);
        Visiting Student, 约翰霍普金斯大学(Johns Hopkins University),美国 (2002-2003);
        巴黎高等师范学校的校友 (ENS Paris), 法国。
        PhD, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences sociales (EHESS, Paris, France) (2015).
        Visiting Student, Humanities Center, Johns Hopkins University, United-States (2002-2003)
        Former student of the École Normale Supérieure (ENS, Paris, France).

        研究领域:中国研究,儿童社会学, Anthropology of violence, 翻译社会科学(中文到法语与英文到法语)
        Fields of interest : Chinese studies, sociology of childhood, Anthropology of violence. I'm also interested in matters of translation regarding social sciences, especially between English, French and Chinese.

        我的博士论文的题目是农民工子女与他们的日常生活。研究材料、方法包括:1.内容分析法,分析关于流动儿童的问题用中文写的80篇文章;2.参与观察法,在上海城乡结合部参与观察, 用民族志调查法可以发现这些孩子的日常生活与媒体想象的区别很大。研究贫穷、非欧洲的儿童也让我质疑当代的儿童社会学:流动儿童的社会地位,跟他们在社会阶级中的地位与年龄结构方面都有联系,但是当代儿童社会学缺乏这两个方面。
        My PhD dissertation deals with the situation of Chinese inner migrants (nongmingong), leaving their hometown to dwell in bigger towns, and more specifically ot the children living with them in places like Shanghai. The difficulties those children have to face, including schooling, are a well-known problem in China, but I tried to shed new light on this question through an ethnographical approach. I made a case for investigating the lives of those children in their intirety, without reducing them to the problems they are usually associated with.
        I also questioned contemporary sociological approaches of children by focussing on poor, non-european children. My subject led me to question the structure of contemporary China in terms of age and class at the same time. I contended that contemporary sociology of childhood is lacking in both areas.

        My current research (starting Jan. 2016) focus on the migrants' children who do not live with their parents but stay, in most cases, in their hometown with other adults, often their grand-parents. Again, it is a well-known problem (that of the "left-behind children", liushou ertong), but approached through methods that depart from the usual educative and psychological inquiries. What can ethnographical observation of such children can teach us about Chinese contemporary rural childhood ? How do the migration and the parents being away affect the everyday life, the community of children, or their relationship with the adults ?

        我的另外一个研究题目是中国公共空间(Chinese public space)的研究问题。通过研究关于留守儿童的文章,我关注从政府、学界、新闻记者等不同视角怎么关怀中国的弱势群体,尤其是孩子。
        A second part of the study will be base on an in-depth analysis of the way the problem is publicly dealt with by authorities and intellectuals. This part of the research will be based on a comprehensive literature review in Chinese. The aim is to elucidate the nature and the functioning of the public space in China, through questions of education and childhood.